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100% Electric

ZERO Emissions


Young shipping company in Stockholm switches to 100% electricity

Eco Sightseeing Sthlm AB and El & Marinteknik AB presents first ‘Tesla second life’ battery all-electric passenger boat.

Continuing their commitment to sustainability and circular economy, Eco Sightseeing Sthlm AB has worked in partnership with Stockholms specialist marine electric company El & Marinteknik AB.

Together the two companies have carried out a unique conversion of the historic passenger boat SYLVIA, which was originally built for Englands Royal Navy back in 1943 and participated in the landings of Normandy 1944. The historical boat now continues her journey in to the future as the first all-electric passenger boat powered by ‘second life’ Tesla batteries.

The batteries is recovered from Tesla cars that for one reason or another ended their lives in advance. After being reconditioned these cells (totally 190kWh) are used to power a 85 kW electric motor. That allows up to 14 hours cruising between charges.

Ecosightseeing Sthlm AB is a young company with high ambitions. Inspired by the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg and her thesis "No one is to small to make a difference" the founder Elias Nilsson started the company in 2019. "I wanted to accelerate the development of sustainable shipping in close urban waters. In Stockholm there has been talk of converting commercial vessels for many years. Talk and talk but nothing has happened. I believe now is the time for action. " says Elias

The vessel SYLVIA can carry up to 48 passengers and pioneers the use of lithium-ion batteries that have already had their ‘first car life’ in Tesla model S vehicles.

Before powered by a traditional Perkins diesel engine, SYLVIA now features a 85 kW electric motor powered by ‘second life’ batteries housed in specially designed, water and gas-tight aluminium containers located beneath the boat’s bench seats.